Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Future Minds Exhibition

Future Mind Exhibition was held at SLECC on 14-16 July. I promised Wela that I will come to stay in the stall on 16th July which was a Sunday.

I went to the SLECC around 1.30pm in the afternoon and stayed until the end of that day.This was the last day of the exhibition.

Our guys at the Red Hat stall.

From left to right : Charith,Fazmil,Wela,me,Razor

From left to right : me,Fazmil,Wela,Dinesh junior,Dinesh,Ludmal

This photoes were taken on the last day of the exhibition from Wela's camera.Thanks Wela for putting up these images on the .NET Forum.

Not much people came to the exhibition though this was a Sunday.We also went to the Red Hat stall and exchanged our MVP bags with their Caps.