Friday, December 29, 2006

10th Anniversary

Today is the 10th Anniversary of Fitness Kingdom (which is my gym). There is going to be a party held at Casaba Lanka Resturant,Kottawa starting from 7pm.

My self and my friends who are members of the gym is going to attend that party.

Finally I wish all the best for Fitness Kingdom.

Friday, December 22, 2006

.NET Charting

The free developer version of the .NET Charting is now available for download.It's available for both .NET 1.0/1.1 and 2.0. Also it is available for both ASP.NET and Windows Forms.

Download now.

For .NET 1.0/1.1

2. Windows Applications

For .NET 2.0

2. Windows Applications

Thursday, December 21, 2006

File Uploading

I found out a site which allows you to upload files up to 2GB.It's a totally free site.Visit the site and create your account.


Free Calls

If you want to make free calls to your friends and relations visit below sites and make free calls.

1. freecall
2. gizmoproject

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Free Videos



How to use the BackgroundWorker Control

This video comes from the Windows Forms Controls 2005 Series. This video demonstrates how to use the new BackgroundWorker Control to easily create a multi-threaded application. (Works with all versions of Visual Studio 2005, including the Express Editions)

Download C# Version
Download VB.NET Version


Securing your ASP.NET 2.0 Web Site with Membership and Login Controls

Your next free tutorial comes from our "Getting Started with Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition" series. In this video you discover the new membership capabilities of ASP.NET 2.0. In addition, you will learn about role-based security, and how you can use roles to control access to your web site.

Download C# Version
Download VB.NET Version


Understanding Web Application State

In this video, you will see how to maintain state in your ASP.NET 2.0 applications.

Download C# Version
Download VB.NET Version


Debugging and Tracing your Website

In this video, you will learn how to debug and monitor your ASP.NET 2.0 Web applications

Download C# Version
Download VB.NET Version


Introduction to Anonymous Delegates

After reviewing How to Create and Use Regular Delegates, this video explains the concept of creating anonymous delegates, when to use them and when not to, and explains the concept of closure for retrieving the state and scope of the anonymous delegate at instantiation for use upon its invocation. (Anonymous delegates are not available in Visual Basic 8.x or earlier.)



Introduction to Generics

Generics allow you to create flexible data structures that are strongly typed. This video compares the System.Collections.ArrayList class versus its generic replacement, the System.Collections.Generic.List, explaining exactly why generics are the prefered way to add stability to your collections by catching situations where objects of the wrong type are being added to your collections at compile time.




Designing Relational Database Tables

Why are relational databases the most popular? Differentiate between primary and foreign keys. Design relational database tables and learn about normalization rules and de-normalization.



Understanding Security and Network Connectivity

Differentiate between database files and SQL Server processes. Explore scenarios for connecting to SQL Server Express databases, enabling and disabling user instances, login permissions, and other security precautions.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

TECHED Presentation

If you attended TECHED 2006 which was held at Waters Edge,Battaramulla now you can download the presentations which was done at TECHED.

If you wish to download them please visit below link.

Download Presentations

Deep Dive 2.0

The Deep Dive 2.0 held on last Friday (8th December 2006) at the Distance Learning Center (DLC). I also attended to that. There were around 30 people gathered there to participate for that.

Our MVP Prasanna did a presentation regarding Workflow Foundation and Praveen Srivatsa from INETA did two presentations on Windows Vista - for developers and Office 2007 - for developers.

The hall which was used for the sessions have large space and hope that from next year onwords .NET user group meeting will be held on that place.

The sessions started around 4.45pm and and ended around 8.30pm.

Thanks for Sri Lanka .NET Forum and INETA for arranging these sessions.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

New regulations to curb terrorism

Sri Lankan Government introduced new relgulations to to curb terrorism and terrorism related activities from yesterday (6th of December) onwards.

Read the news

Rehan's Funeral

Yesterday my self and my family attended the funeral of our school mate Rehan.It was a very sad day for me and my school mates because we lost a good fellow.

The funeral happened at the Moraketiya Chruch and there were lot of people whome are Rehan's relations,friends and neighbours. This is the second time that I went to a Chruch.

Rehan faced a tragic death and my final wish is no one should ever face a death like Rehan did.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Top 10 Ways to Earn with Google Adsense without Creating Your Own Site

There are list of web sites where you can display Google AdSense ads if you don’t have a blog or website and earn money from that. These sites provide many services that share 100% adsense earnings with users.

This is a list of sites where AdSense publisher can use their own AdSense IDs to earn money.


Simpy is a social bookmarking site.

Simpy has support for Google AdSense as a third party. Each Simpy member has his/her main page on Simpy (e.g. jaleel77 ). Every Simpy member can now enter his/her Google AdSense Id into Simpy, and his/her page will immediately start showing ads with his/her Id. All earnings from such ads go to members, as their Ids are used to display ads .

2.Digital Point Forums

Digital Point Forums is a forum site for webmasters.

This forum displays one advertisement in the upper right area as well is inline when viewing a thread. We use Google AdSense to automatically serve relevant ads for the content on the page. Google pays AdSense publishers on a per click basis as well as per impression.

If a user has an AdSense account, they have the ability to credit their account with the ads served on threads they start or participate in.

3.ArticleMuse is a news article directory.

Sharing Ads Position: The Google Ads beside the main content of the article.
Sharing Ratio: Your ads will be displayed in any articles you have submitted 100% of the time till the end of 2006!


Xpress Ideas is an article directory.

If you have a Google Adsense ID, you can enter that ID when you register on the site. The Google Ads in the middle of the article will have YOUR Google Adsense ID in, meaning that if anybody who clicks on those ads, even on OUR site, YOU get the revenue!


Cybersist is place to share your photos and blog, free webmail, file storage and more.

Your Google ads will be displayed in 7 different locations on your public blog and photo pages. Those ads are specifically optimized to allow better penetration of the ads. Any click on those ads will generate a revenue for you through AdSense.


TagTooga is a free directory that anyone can edit.

It is easy to use to earn advertising revenue. There are two ways to do it:

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ForuMatrix is a news posting site.

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Flixya is a video sharing site.

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Swicki is a site that allows you to create custom searches

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10.Senserly is a content hosting website is to provide a place for honest Google AdSense publishers to legitimately increase their daily earnings. As soon as you register, this basically becomes your website, with your AdSense blocks displayed next to your content, and you'll be able to write articles, reviews, and stories about your knowledge and experience with AdSense or any topic you feel confortable with, as well as read, ask questions, and exchange information with other AdSense publishers.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Passed Away

Day before yesterday my niebuhr’s (Silva auntee's) son (Rehan ayya) fell from the 9th floor of a building in Wellawaththa and got passed away. It was a really sad news to hear and the son was an old boy of our school. I went to the home of his and his mother was crying and shouting because of her sadness of loosing her one and only son.

The funeral is going to happen tomorrow and I will attend to that with my whole family.

Did someone intentionally pushed him from the building or did he fell by him self???

DeepDive 2.0 - Register Now!!!

Date / Time: 8th December 2006, 4 PM - 8 PM
Venue: Distance Learning Center, 28/10 Malalasekara Mw. Colombo 07

For more information and to get register please visit below link.

Register and more information

Friday, December 01, 2006

Improve your site and increase marketing ROI

Use Google Analytics to learn which online marketing initiatives are cost effective and see how visitors actually interact with your site. Make informed site design improvements, drive targeted traffic, and increase your conversions and profits.

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Bomb Blast

The LTTE terrorists carried out a cowardly suicide bomb attack at the motorcade carrying Secretary of Defence Gotabaya Rajapakse this morning.

Read full story

Free E-Books

If you want to download free e-books regarding programming languages,operating systems,database management systems and many more please visit below link.

It's free.

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