Wednesday, March 07, 2007

.NET User Group Meeting

March .NET User Group Meeting

Session 1: Ribbon customization for VSTO developers

Speaker: Prasanna Amthralingam

Office 2007 brings many interesting possibilities for VSTO developers to incoperate their custom application with Office 2007. This session talks about the customization that can be made in the UI for office 2007 in incoperating custom applications.

Session 2: Developing Messaging Applications with MSMQ

Speaker: Joy Rathnayake

MSMQ is Microsoft's solution for developing Messaging Applications. MSMQ is a piece of software which does message queuing, serialization, etc. free of cost for Visual Studio developers. Visual Studio 2005 simplifies task of developing messaging applications with in built MesageQueue component.

Date/Time : 7th, March 2007
Venue: NDB Auditorium, Navam Mawatha.
Entrance: FREE

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