Monday, September 25, 2006


Our group (Royal College Group of 2001) arranged the participation of our group for the Bradby Shield which was held on 23rd of September in Kandy. The rugger match was played at Bogambara Grounds Kandy.

As planned we stated from Our college gate around 7am in the morning on that day and came to Kandy around 12.30pm.While we are coming to Kandy we had lot of fun. We came by a Air-conditioned bus so not got much tired when we came to Kandy. Our group made T-Shirts for the Bradby and we wore them to watch the match.

After coming we went here and there and came to the ground around 2.45pm.

The main match started around 4.30pm and Trinity team got ahead our school team. While the match is going there were some “Papare” bands playing music to make us entertained. There were lot of people gathered in the ground to watch the match.

The match ended by Trinity winning the match and we were sad that our school team didn’t perform well.

We left Kandy around 8.15pm and came to Colombo around 11.30pm on that day. Thanks for Dulip who is the chairman of our group and committee members for arranging our group participation for the match.

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