Friday, September 08, 2006

.NET User Group Meeting September 2006

This time also the user group meeting was held at the same place which is Microsoft Sri Lanka office. I went there around 5.45pm and the meeting got started around 6.15pm.

This time unexpected amount of members came to the meeting. I think more than 60 members came to the meeting and had to bring seats from here and there to provide seats to the crowd. I have been attending user group meeting since March of this year and I think this was the time the highest number of members came according to my knowledge (From the six meetings I have attended).

There were 2 presentations arranged for the meeting. Madawa did a presentation on DAO (Data Access Objects). In this presentation he gave us a better understanding of what DAO is and how to use this concept in the real world enterprise application development.
Also Prasanna did a presentation on Windows Mobile Application Development. In this presentation he showed us new cool features that comes with mobile 5.0 and he showed us how easily those can be implemented.

The meeting ended around 8.15pm.

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